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The google talk conference bot was written by me to address the lack of MUC server for google talk. Without s2s I couldn't run my own MUC server, so I wrote something similar. A conference bot.

The conference bot works runs as a normal google talk user that relays everything said to it to everyone on its contact list. It supports some simple commands (like )names), and has a basic admin interface to deal with abusers. The bot is written in python, and is tested under Linux, although apparently it works fine under Windows too.


This is a list of commands supported by the bot. You can use "/" or ")" to prefix commands. Some clients use "/" internally for their own commands.

This shows a list of the commands you hava available to you
/me emote
This command can be used to show an emote. For example, /me sighs appears to other users as * yournick sighs
)quit message
This command removes you from the bots contact list, and therefore removes you from the conversation. A message can be used to show people why you left.
)msg person message
This command lets you send a private message to another user. For example to tell Isomer that he is cool you would use )msg Isomer You are cool
This command lists all the users in the conferencebot's buddy list, effectly showing everyone who is in the conference. Admins have a "@" before their name, and users who are away are in brackets and appear at the end of the list
There are some admin commands that can be used to control the bot.


Account Name Topic Last Seen Active* Users Version
* Activity is only checked every 4 hours.


The bot is available under the GPL. To configure it you need to make sure you have a copy of python installed. Then download the latest version. Then run the "" script. The bot will prompt you for the bots gmail account name and password, as well as a topic to describe the bot. Then it should all be working! You might want to edit the confbot.ini file later to change some of the settings.

Note when upgrading to 1.6: You will need to delete your confbot.ini file and let the bot generate you a new one.

conferencebot is also available in subversion



Version 1.28 was primarily done by limodou.


Version 1.6 was done by limodou.